Elena Danaan and Humanity’s Key Imperative at this Crucial Time

SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

In this time of great darkness, the only true antidote is to dramatically increase your Light, the energetic frequency of your mind-body-spirit. What follows below are wise words from spiritual author Elena Danaan from her new book — WE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN: Encounters with Val Thor and journeys beyond Earth. Elena Danaan is an Extra Terrestrial (ET) abductee who was rescued by positive ET forces as a child and has been under their care ever since. In recent years, those positive ET’s have constructed a communication channel with her and now routinely bring her off-planet to further her learning and experiences. They are working with her to be a communications ambassador of sorts to humanity — to inform people of the true origins of the human race, background of the various ET races in this galaxy, and the steps being taken by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to free Earth. They have told her that humans must raise their vibration and consciousness in order to ensure the liberation process proceeds smoothly and so that the highest ascension path is achieved. This two page excerpt from her book are the key points the positive ET’s have transmitted for her to share with humans on how to effectively raise their vibration.


“The Terran (Earth) species is capable of the greatest and highest accomplishments”

The words of Val Thor still linger in my mind as I am writing these lines. That is why we have been enslaved in a lower frequency by those who fear us (negative ET’s). In this lower level of consciousness, we are not able to remember who we truly are and where we are coming from. That is why we are reminded intensely to raise our frequency. By doing so, we reactivate ourselves and awaken to the awareness of our true nature. Concretely, this is what it means and what you have to do:

1) — REFUSE FEAR: Fear is the Mindtrix, the tool used to control you, numb your will and bind you as a slave. It is broadcast by mainstream media and devices set all over the planet. Do not allow your decisions to be led by fear or confusion. Do not consent to be a shaking sheep! Reclaim your power and sovereignty by regaining your Free-Will and your power of deciding for yourself. You are in control of your life, of your body and of your destiny. You have the power to co-create this reality, and you are way more powerful than you have been conditioned to believe. So just do it! Stop consenting to give your power away to fear, stand up and embrace your freedom. Fear is illusion, it doesn’t exist.

2) — FOLLOW YOUR HEART: Your heart knows. Your heart is your intuition, your instinct. The very first feeling in the first fraction of a second, is the right one. Your senses of perception are far sharper than you think. Your “higher-self” (the being that you are inside this body-envelopee and that vibrates at a higher rate of frequency) knows what is good or bad for you.

3) — FIND PEACE: When you refuse to allow fear to reach out to you, when you push the disturbances away from your field of consciousness, what is left is the perfect stillness of your mind, of your heart, and of your soul. And it is only in this very moment, that all three are functioning in total wisdom and clarity. It is in this state of perfect peace, complete on all levels of your being, that you are connected with the whole universe. The emotion/energy of Bliss is of a very high frequency, and this state can be reached through meditation. Instead of connecting horizontally with the 3D world-matrix, connect vertically and be the bridge between Earth and Sky. Root below and above, and become as sturdy as an oak, as powerful as an adamantine pillar of pristine light.

4) — RECONNECT: You are invincible and all-knowing, because when you are connected with who you truly are, you are connected with all things. With eyes closed, look inside at the being inhabiting this body, What do you look like? What shape is your silhouette? Skin color? Hair?… When you focus upon your Lightbeing, your immortal and all-powerful soul, you vibrate in its higher frequency and thus, your are attuned to everything that is vibrating at the same rate. Usually. Then you can feel the presence of your true kind, those to whom you belong as a family. Connecting with yourself, is reconnecting with the entire universe.

5) — PERFORM YOUR MISSION: In this higher state of consciousness, you suddenly know… you remember… the veil of illusions of the matrix is far below you. You see clearly, you know who you are and you remember what you came here for. Also, you know what you are meant to do. You cannot reclaim your power and extract yourself from the state of slave, until you become aware of who you truly are. You cannot know your mission until you… know thyself.

Thor Han told me this one day: “You need to cut yourself off from the artificial field of consciousness fed by the dark ones, who broadcast fear and confusion. You need to find who you truly are and connect with your inner being, your true being, eternal and immortal. Once you are aware again to be this being, you realize that you are made of a higher vibration. You will then find peace, and discover that no disturbance is able to reach out to you. You become connected with the cosmos and everything that is of a higher frequency than this body, because your higher being, your soul, is extremely powerful and high in frequency. This is what you need to do in order to connect with yourselves, this is how you raise your frequency. Also, it brings happiness and joy, even in the center of the storm, because when you discover who you are, you are joyful, you know your power, and everything you thought was threatening you, seems ridiculous. When you smile, your vibration is higher. Be yourself, not on a vibration at the level of your avatar, but at the level of your soul. Your soul is extremely, incredibly powerful. You will understand this one day.”

…Use the green energy, this is what will build the new world. The green energy comes from the heart, produced in the heart chakra. Love, the knowledge of the heart, not of the mind. The life force, Phryll, is a powerful energy. If you know how to use it, you can power the whole world indefinitely. Terrans (Earth Humans) are co-creating their future timeline by manifesting it exactly in the present. All human beings on Terra possess this creative power.

Free will is freedom of thought and of action. You need to find peace within yourself first, and when you find this peace, you will be able to be at peace with everyone else. When you are angry, it is because there are things within your own self that are not at peace. Human species of Terra needs to find inner and outer peace, because throughout peace comes unity, and in unity is strength. If all the Terran humans stand in peace in a higher frequency, in a higher state of consciousness, those who thrive in the lower frequencies will lose interest and leave of their own free will. And the humans of Terra will have won this battle.”


To go deeper into the process of amplifying your vibration and raising your consciousness, please see my detailed e-book — The Path to Enlightenment, A Guide to the Soul’s Ascension Journey.

Much Love and Success to You on Your Ascension Path,

Jay Kshatri



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